Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

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Stimulating the brain with exercises is essential for a healthy mind. There are different exercises that you can try to improve your memory and the cognitive functions of the brain. Brain exercises should be challenging and offer novelty.

People who find it challenging to learn new things can try brain exercises to stimulate their minds. Many sites offer courses and activities that will boost your brain’s memory retention capability. An example of such a site is the Get better grades now website.

However, if you feel you would prefer something more practical in real life, there are options for you, too. Here are some of the recommended brain exercises that you can try to stimulate your muscle memory.

Exercises For Improving Memory

Playing strategy and problem-solving games

Chess is one of the most famous board games in the world. It is also renowned for improving the thinking capacity of its players and improving their memories. It requires cautious strategy, planning to win, and anticipating your opponent’s moves.

Word games, such as crosswords and scrabble, also help your brain remember words that improve your memory. You can also try Sudoku, which is logic-based.

Learning a new musical instrument

Don’t let how easy a pianist makes playing the piano look fool you. It takes years of practice to learn how to play any musical instrument and master it.

This has been proven as one of the most effective ways of stimulating your brain and improving its memory. Studies have shown that, a few weeks after you start learning how to play an instrument, your brain starts to create new neurons in response. Go for sophisticated musical instruments. The more intricate it is, the better.

A plus is that you could also discover new talent along the way.

Learning a foreign language

Learning a new language is not an easy task, and such an arduous task is the right choice to challenge your brain. You can enroll for an online course or purchase reading and listening materials that will teach you the language.

Playing a new sport

Sports are some of the most stimulating activities. They come with a lot of benefits, including helping you stay fit and improve your overall health. In addition to all that, they also strengthen your brain.

Therefore, take up a new sport if you are a fan. It could be anything from ball games to athletics. Swimming is also a great choice.

Drawing a map from memory

If you are a traveler or you simply like visiting new places, then this is an excellent brain exercise for you to try out.

Here is how it works:

When you return from a new place you visited, sit down and try to draw a map of it from your head. Think about all the finer details that you can try to place on the map until you have a replica of the whole area.

Trying to remember all those details helps significantly improve your brain’s recollection ability.

Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

Taking up cooking

If you enjoy learning new cuisines or you would like to improve your cooking skills, why not use it to enhance your brain’s power?

Cooking involves a harmonious use of three primary senses: sight, smell, and taste. As you learn new recipes or take those cooking classes, your brain starts to use those senses more often and refines them.

Learning how to use chopsticks

Chopsticks have to be some of the most challenging kitchen items to use, but the Chinese and Japanese have mastered using them perfectly. If they can, you can do it, too.

Chopsticks force your brain to pay more attention as you eat, which serves as a really good exercise.

Doing math in your head

Instead of using a calculator or writing down a math problem to solve it, why not just do it within the space of your mind?

You can also spice things up by doing a light activity, such as walking, while you try to solve the question. These challenges will teach your brain to think faster and more broadly, and that will go a long way in improving your memory capacity.

Practicing meditation

Meditation trains your mind to be quiet and to concentrate more. This technique has been known for improving a person’s learning ability and enhancing their memory. Its, therefore, an excellent option to consider for any person looking for a brain exercise that has a lot of stimuli.


Creating a mental picture of something you want to remember is a perfect brain exercise. You can practice doing this by memorizing a list of items and then trying to write down as many of them as you can remember.

The more you keep doing this, the more your brain will remember every time you picture a list in your mind.

Other than the brain exercises listed above, you can also try out the following:

  • Creating your own acronyms to help you remember information when you are in a rush
  • Telling stories – as you recount an ordeal, your brain will try to recall as much information as it can
  • Taking up a hobby or a craft, such as knitting or painting
  • Memorizing phone numbers
  • You can also visit the Get better grades now website and take a shot at the learning curriculums there that will significantly stimulate your brain’s memory


The best approach to consider when doing brain exercises is to stick to activities that you can perform in the real world. The idea is to involve as many senses as you can in your exercises.

Changing your daily routine activities can also work as a great stimulant for your brain. This can be something as simple as switching from doing activities using your primary hand to the secondary one. For instance, if you brush your teeth using your right hand, start using your left hand to do it.

Try the above brain exercises, and you will be impressed with the results you get in your memory improvement.

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